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We listen and understand.
We design, build and service.
Then we repeat. It’s that simple.

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Our Creations

Over the years, Canopy Software has turned short-term programming projects into full-fledged profitable business endeavors. All great things take time. Here are a few that have blossomed.

Mediation Case Manager

Managing Exams and Examinees Just Got A Lot Easier

Prolydian is a collaborative platform coupled with a qualified and seasoned management team working together to ensure a smooth and efficient exam development and administration process. The collaborative software platform securely accommodates all stakeholders through flexible, fine-grained access to information.

Mediation Case Manager
Mediation Case Manager

Resolving Disputes by the Thousands

Mediation Case Manager is a collaborative platform coupled with a qualified and seasoned management team working together to foster the smooth and efficient administration for large-scale mediation programs. The collaborative software platform securely accommodates all stakeholders in the managed mediation process.


Our Story

Canopy Software, Inc. started in 1996 with the intention of creating innovative technology solutions to help make state government agencies more efficient with their business operations.

Since its inception, the company has grown organically into select business sectors and has expanded geographically. The tiny software company that started nearly twenty years ago as 'Canopy' was the seed for a variety of successful organizations.

Over the years, a distinct philosophy and attitude has emerged that sets the Canopy teams and all of our endeavors on a direct path toward success. This philosophy is one that we live by each day and includes these main tenets:

All You Need Is Love

Love is the foundation for all we do. Love for our work, love for our families, love for our team, love for our customers, and love for our community.

Exceptional Service

There is no greater reward than helping someone else. It's common for our teams to become entangled (in a good way) with our customers. We strive for exceptional service and unbroken reliability with every customer we serve. This can only be achieved by first listening to and understanding the needs of those with whom we are working and pairing them with the goals of the client organization.

Brilliant Thinking

Canopy and all of its branches is made up of brilliant minds with a passion for learning and sharing. It's not about turf or competition. It is about life and doing work that you love while you’re living it. It is creating with like-minded people something bigger than what we can each do individually. (We’ve also discovered that brilliant minds tend to use side-splitting comedy on a daily basis.)

Small Organic Teamwork

Creating the extraordinary takes collaboration. We believe in the power of pooling collective talents to create quality, innovative products and services, and then service (support) those products and services over time.

Community Support

Our goal and hope is to give back to our community by donating our time and energy to those who are less fortunate and those who are coping with challenging life circumstances. Through our monthly community service projects we aim to establish close relationships with caring individuals who can help direct us to those in need and then fulfill those needs as best we can.

Passion for excellence

We strive for perfection, but believe no work is complete. This passion for excellence is something we look for in every team member (and client). Our collaborative process provides an ideal environment for every voice to be heard, which we believe improves everything we create.

It's only fitting that our company's namesake has its origin with the majestic Spanish oak trees adorning Florida's capital city.

Tallahassee is known in part for its tunnel-like canopy roads that serve as many of the city’s primary traffic arteries. Despite its growth, the city has managed to maintain its elegance and charm.

Our goal is to do the same.

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